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  1. S. P. Gardebiter

    So I am bored... (OST Mix/Remix)

    So I was bored and thought Mimiga Town would sound better with a more groovy rhythm, please note that Swing does not refer to the actual genre but the rhythm. S. P. Gardebiter - Mimga Town (Swing Mix) I might do more in the future.
  2. metallicLurker

    (WIP)(ORG)Cave Story Rearranged - an album of remixes of remixes of CS soundtrack

    CURRENT STATUS: 13(18) soundtracks so far. Suspended until further notice. Also, a huge shout-out to DM DOKURO, this album is inspired by his works. You can check out his music here. I plan to update my soundtracks to improve them, so (constructive) criticism and suggestions are welcome!
  3. Chip Thrasher

    Remaking in AUXY

    Some of you may have heard of Auxy (http://auxy.co) which is a iOS music studio. I'm currently remaking the songs in it. The sound is closer to that of the original soundtrack, but the notes are closer to the Wii EU version ("New"). You can view it here...
  4. Prologue-9

    SoundFont's CS Experiments

    My little brother does music stuff and I got him to make a remix containing a couple assorted songs from Cave Story and Undertale, here. He doesn't do message boards so he told me it'd be cool to just post it here to try and get some feedback. So, feedback's appreciated. [EDIT] Figured we'll...