1. Quote and Curly faceswap

    Quote and Curly faceswap

    Again, @[9914:@Extra Life] came up with this. I long for death.
  2. #1 waifu.png

    #1 waifu.png

    First version/drawing of Engineer guy
  3. Yugilord27

    The Mimiga Hero

    Ok, So this is my first mod, It's pretty much Quote....but a Mimiga. I made a few changes to the lore and items and also added some dialogue. Nothing much Things that are different! There is only one heath upgrade which adds ten hp Quote talks Machine Gun, now dubbed the AK-47 does 3, 6, and 9...
  4. Tails Warrior


    I know what you're thinking, "Stop suggesting a Cave Story animated series, it will never happen". But just hear me out lol. This isn't a suggestion. In fact it's very different, it's an "announcement" of sorts, as we need help to create the animated series we've started progress on. And where...
  5. rysoriginal

    Quote has a beta icon?!?

    So yeah if we look carefully at character icon file we see that quote has actually no icon in the original game but if we look at the icon folder in cave story deluxe... well we can find every character text icon including Quote's one (similar to iron head credits image but a little different)...