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  1. Soliloquy


    First off, some fun facts about Gardevoir Day! According to this amazingly useful-seeming Japanese wiki ( https://dic.pixiv.net/a/サナたん祭 ), it's an established Pixiv tradition due to Sa/Sir being equal to "3" and Knight being "7" in some punny manner. Thus, March (3) 7th. According to the wiki...
  2. Pondering


    Taking a few artistic opposites from the next pic is this lovely, lineless, charmingly simple portrait that I've probably had in storage for a few thousand years. The flowing, sequential segments of the skirt are particularly pleasing to the eye :>
  3. Level Up!

    Level Up!

    This is a simple picture, like many others I've showcased. The lack of a background only accentuates how wonderfully drawn this Mega Gardevoir is, though :3