1. Mister.Hex

    Is the DSI Port of Cave Story lost forever ?

    Maybe with homebrew stuff,you can,buuuuuuuut im not sure
  2. Q*Bert Reynolds

    Looping vs Non-Looping music in TSC files

    I've been rewriting Cave Story with Unity3D, and I've run into a slight dilemma parsing TSC files. "<CMU" cues music to play, but some songs loop and others don't. Is there a way to tell the difference? Is it contextual (ie. if you just received an item, it's not looped), or are individual songs...
  3. ✨Sue_Sakamoto✨

    Cave Story on Xbox 360.

    I wonder... There are so many different ports of Cave Story that I think, by now, somebody has to have thought of an Xbox 360 port. Meh. Idunno. I'm no coding expert and I know full well that I couldn't port anything over if I tried. You guys are smart. Look into usb loading for the Xbox 360...
  4. rysoriginal

    Cave Story android version (Doukutsu Demo android) + download link

    So yeah i was making a Cave Story camera game for android that allows the player to choose a map from a list and run some smaller events like "textboxes" when an entity is touched or some other events as Curly's killer robot event in the core's chamber, well it's just a map and event viwer...