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  1. Quiet


    Two terms at college nearly done. I've made so many mistakes that I couldn't recount them all, and progress on myself as a person seems dreadfully slow, if I'm even making net positives anymore. That's life, though - at least, from what I'm told. You keep messing up forever until you take an...
  2. Friend-Forged Flame

    Friend-Forged Flame

    Flames flicker. It's difficult to truly pin down the appearance of one or its quality without getting burned - or snuffing it out. That's the best way that I can describe my feeling beyond how red or warm flames are, discovery of self and potential for cuteness or beauty - how shallow yet pure...
  3. Great Grandpa Gerald's Glorious Gilded Painting

    Great Grandpa Gerald's Glorious Gilded Painting

    Yessir, my great grandpappy Gerald was a genius of his time! He was the first McFinn to start up our mine! He was a stalwart man who always knew to use his head, both for planning the dig routes and blasting through the rocky red. This here's his portrait, what a fellow - everyone knows his...