• Most people probably don't realise this, but this forum has had two editors for a number of years. One is the xenForo default editor, and the other is a custom editor I made years back I called BBCEd.

    All the settings for which editor you use was lost during the upgrade. You can find the setting under Account Settings > Preferences > Editor.


  1. AGW

    Show me your PiyoPiyo music.

    I've been messing around PiyoPiyo recently and I thought: why not create a thread so that others can show the music they made with this program? Anyways, here's a song that I made recently, and that I really like: Let's Go.pmd
  2. Milon Luxy

    PiyoPiyo/Wave Maker Discord Server

    I created a Piyo Discord server if anyone is interested to make or share a pmd or create your own wave. I hope anyone who join have fun! :D Link: https://discord.gg/4j7ZAjV