1. motscoud

    Translated Old Organya Views

    Name: Old OrganyaView English Translation Creator(s): Motscoud Type: Translation Patch Status: Complete Features: Complete Translation of OrganyaView Versions 01-14 -With the exception of 05 as that has already been translated Blurb: OrgView versions 01-14 are now fully translated! Also fixed a...
  2. Teuthida

    How did Pixel create the waveforms for OrgMaker?

    I was looking at the Org waveforms included with PxTone, and I noticed that they look very organic. Unlike traditional computer waveforms like sawtooth waves, they have fairly natural-looking curves, and small imperfections in their shape. All of this makes me wonder what tools Pixel used to...
  3. Extra Life

    Cave Story The Way Back Home Beta Version?!

    One day I found this video uploaded by tilderain that is this compilation of organya music and one of the songs was interesting at 9:39 a song called starts playing in the background it sounds similar to The way back home. Please tell me where I can download this org.
  4. cultr1

    Using Organya's Detune Function to Account for Equal Tempered Tuning

    Abstract Typically the detune effect found in the Org Maker program is used for subtractive synthesis, a means for creating a more complex sound with two slightly out of tune notes played in unison. I was curious if the function could also be used to properly tune notes in a single chord song to...
  5. rysoriginal

    Andronya (best Cave Story music player for android)

    So yeah you probably know that pixel has released aswell with cave story a program called organya that allow you to listen to all cave story's soundtracks... I saw that somebody has already ported it to gba but then i though... what if I make an android version? .-. It resembles the main menu to...