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  1. Random-storykeeper

    Bomb Chicken - a Nitrome game for Steam and Nintendo Switch

    sQtRP2VIcF0 Nitrome is back with another object-creating bird game, this time about a chicken making bombs to solve puzzles and get around places. The bombs allow you to reach higher places, take out enemies and just let everything satisfyingly explode. Apparently this one's a lot further...
  2. Random-storykeeper

    Leap Day

    Arright yes this is another Nitrome thread. But given the last one I made was over a year ago, I'm not sure if a nonspecific Nitrome thread would be needed, just saying. ZiMvFU0pgg0 Anyways, this game here - Leap Day - is both level based and endless, in a sense. The game gives you a new level...