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  1. Moment's Minuet

    Moment's Minuet

    It's always important to appreciate the minor pleasures of one's relationships, but blessed are those who can live a climax to its fullest. The freeform fabric and detail in these two is really nice, which makes it more surprising that I have no idea where the Gardevoir's right arm is. Maybe...
  2. Total Apex of the Heart

    Total Apex of the Heart

    There's so much classically cute Gardevoir fanart out there that it doesn't take very many spooky elements to make something stand out. This one has a few such elements, and I really like that it balances the tone so as not to make it overbearing. The spiky, bursting horns are a great touch. :D
  3. Fresh Stardom

    Fresh Stardom

    Mawile had their fans from the start, of course (myself included! Base Mawile are still super cute), but the mega they received really took their power up several notches more than most, and it's got one of the prettiest designs as well. Gardevoir was a decent sweeper from the start, meanwhile...
  4. Bloom


    It's a new year and a few months of schedule slippage, yay! We'll get to 600 yet, even if it's at a crawl. I definitely like the way that the even black inking looks, bordering watercolor gradients like that. The overall design is nice and straightforward, but the fancy details help it pop. :3
  5. Seraph


    I may be a few days late due to a college paper kicking my butt, but surely you can feel /THE SPOOK/ no matter what point in time you're in. This is quite an interesting design, apparently inspired by the weirder descriptions of angels with wings covered in eyes or shaped in burning rings or...
  6. Culmination


    It's still a pleasant surprise to me that people have managed to make the Mega Gardevoir design as cute as in this pic. It was a pretty kneejerk reaction to dislike it as much as I did when it was revealed - the official Gardevoir portrayal lacks some of the spunk of good fan content, too. c:
  7. Level Up!

    Level Up!

    This is a simple picture, like many others I've showcased. The lack of a background only accentuates how wonderfully drawn this Mega Gardevoir is, though :3
  8. Annihilator Beam

    Annihilator Beam

    I was sorely tempted to go all caps for the title because this picture is amazeballs :D :D :D EDIT: Title has been removed and altered into a consumable form for "what even" reasons, in addition to failing to comply with federally mandated regulations on concentration of anime. If you begin to...