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  1. YoshiPilot

    The Future of Cave Story on Mac.

    Welp, It's happening. In the 2019 version of macOS, 32 bit apps will no longer be able to run. This poses many problems, particularly Steam and lots of mac games. However, today I'll focus on Cave Story. I don't know if you know, but freeware Cave Story is 32 bit. This makes sense, as it was...
  2. YoshiPilot

    Let’s Face it, the Mac version is the best freeware version.

    So, you might be confused as to what I mean. The Mac version is the same as the windows version, right? Wrong. Let me explain. 1. The Mac version lets you switch between 240p to 480p and full screen without closing. 2. Activating the FPS counter is a lot easier. 3. It actually scans for game...
  3. YoshiPilot

    Is It Illegal To Distribute The Nemesis and Machine Gun Challenge Files?

    So, I'm a mac user, and I have mac CS+ running, but nicalis never gave the nemesis and machine gun challenges to the mac version. I want to take the files add them to the game like any other mod. Can someone give me those? Is that Illegal?
  4. GunbladeMaster34

    What do you think is the better PC platform?

    I may prefer Windows as my preferred platform due to living with it for most of my life, but thanks to my grandfather constantly switching me between Windows and Mac (cause old man reasons), I got curious and wondered what's everyone's preference towards PC. Tell me your thoughts and reasons why...