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  1. Rooftop Meeting

    Rooftop Meeting

    What's a Kirlia doing on a metropolitan rooftop? Well, they're clearly somewhat anxious about it, as many who live their lives and somehow end up on rooftops are wont to feel. I'm not feeling creative tonight, use your imagination - I'll just say that I like urban environments for these, and I'm...
  2. Calm Mind

    Calm Mind

    There's all sorts of potential for headcanon around how aging, evolution (or the negation thereof) and non-sport orientation works for Pokémon. This picture seemed a little odd at first since the Kirlia has a bit of a stilts look going on, but upon further thought it's entirely possible that...
  3. Something Quieter

    Something Quieter

    Meanwhile, the middle child has slinked outside, enjoying a whole other form of joy.