indie games

  1. Fixer90

    Looking for a music dev.

    Hey guys, it's been a while since I posted something in these forums. How's everyone doing? *COUGH* so I'm looking for someone who would possibly be up to the challenge of developing music for a big indie game I'm making. Whether you use Pxtone, OrgMaker, or PiyoPiyo, anyone who can make decent...
  2. Q

    Robonauts - for the love of the arcade!

    QubicGames pleased to present upcoming game Robonauts. In general, the game is about exploring the universe and fighting against corporation. Your aim is to save inhabitants from exploitation and an evil Chief. The premiere is set for release in the first quarter of 2017. The inherent...
  3. CyberSoup

    Pixel Starships™ : 8Bit Sci-Fi Spaceship MMORPG Space Sim

    The title explains all. This game was made by SavySoda, and is free on the app store. Yes, it's buggy, yes, the ship upgrading system sucks, but, I have to admit, it has some potential. I've been playing for two weeks and love it. The pvp is great, and the alliances are great! Also, there are...