1. zxin

    1 Handed Controls Hack

    So I finally managed to fuck up my right wrist today. I guess speed running Task Force whilst developing it intensively was too hard on it... but I still need to play Cave Story, 'cause duh I do. So here's my solution: A simple hack that gives a control layout based on using only one hand. Using...
  2. CoolStuff

    I missed up, big time. (True Ending) (Help Glitch/Save/Hack?)

    Hello, I'm here to be requesting help in Cave Story. I highly doubt there's anyway to fix this, but I'm going to request for help anyway... So, I guess I should explain. Right now in Cave Story, I'm trying to get the true ending, and I'm in the plantation room right now, going down to expecting...
  3. vince94

    Cave Story SNES Soundtrack Mod

    Hey everyone! You might have seen me on the modding Discord a few months ago, or on YouTube right after I finished working on this, but I thought I ought to make a proper post on here. This is a mod of the original release of Cave Story that changes every song into a Super NES/Sony SPC700...