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  1. Teleporter Surprise

    Teleporter Surprise

    Here's a thing to know: The Teleporter's event number is #22, which is what I had. So I check it and to my surprise, it played the Item Get jingle. So I check the menu to see what I got and it was a Missile Launcher. Huh, Cave Story Modding can be quite bizarre. EDIT: Setting it so that "Run...
  2. Killer Bed

    Killer Bed

    Here's a thing to know: The bed's proper event number is #19. I had it at 34 with "interactable" on, so when I interacted with the bed, it killed me. When that happened, I laughed probably due to how bizarre it was. Man, Cave Story sure is bizarre.
  3. OuterWall Warp Glitch

    OuterWall Warp Glitch

    So I booted up my mod because I wanted to show you all a misunderstanding I created (the HP bar), and this happened. It's strange because normally the game's warped me out of the Hub into EggRoom 0. So I test the area and then fall into a pit. It gives the usual "You were never seen again"...
  4. EggRoom0 Warp Glitch.png

    EggRoom0 Warp Glitch.png

    So this happened. When the game loads up, it takes me out of Level 0: Hub and warps in this area. My character's sprites are glitched, so I'm dealing with that.