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  1. Mint

    Using OoB tiles in your maps

    I'm a bit out of touch with the modding communities so I can't confirm but as far as I know this is a little useful quirk that isn't too well known, and I felt like it might as well be documented in a post like this. Basically this is gonna be a post on the behavior of tilesets regarding the use...
  2. TheForgottenOne

    [FINALLY] It's dangerous to mod alone. Here, take this!

    First and foremost, hello again. Been a while, hasn't it? Social obligations out of the way, I bring you... The KimiTech Industries Nearly-Complete Modding 101 Package A lot of this is an (old) attempt at consolidating my (old) modding guide, the required tools etc. that I just never got...
  3. Kenzo_ITN

    Kenzo's guide for modding with Booster's Lab v1.2

    So I made a beginners guide for modding with Booster's Lab. It took me a while, but it finally got done. Here - version 1.2 I tried to make this guide easy to read, so please understand that I don't get too technical. I also tried to make it visual to, so there's a lot of pictures. This is...