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  1. Moment's Minuet

    Moment's Minuet

    It's always important to appreciate the minor pleasures of one's relationships, but blessed are those who can live a climax to its fullest. The freeform fabric and detail in these two is really nice, which makes it more surprising that I have no idea where the Gardevoir's right arm is. Maybe...
  2. Chronicles of a Flirt

    Chronicles of a Flirt

    It's nice to see Gallade expressing some actual emotions for once! Of course, if I specifically looked for Gallade art ever, I'd probably find better portrayals, but I don't like Gallade so I never seek any of the exposure that would make me like them more. Hm. In any case, a healthy amount of...
  3. Au Naturel

    Au Naturel

    There's a lot of amazing things about this picture from any standpoint you could think of, so much so that I don't think I'm qualified to properly gush over it. :D