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  1. Faerie Fire

    Faerie Fire

    A gorgeous rendition of a sprite fusion with Mismagius and Chandelure, other favorites of mine (linked in this image's source). The coloring's quite fantastic, and I really like how the design blends artificial/imposing elements with cute features. Again, just like its three constituents. :3
  2. Serperoir


    Sylvaur is responsible for drawing quite a few Gardevoir fusions, but I liked this one most for its simplicity and the cute features it focuses on!
  3. Embracing the Cold

    Embracing the Cold

    Pokéfusions like this mix of Gardevoir and Froslass tend to have super interesting designs, especially when drawn by skilled artists - I had to scroll through a rather long Tumblr page to get to this picture, and I didn't mind because so much of her other art is really cute. :3 I've always...