1. EnlightenedOne

    The Tan Cut Cola MicroTrilogy

    Heyo. I made 3 mods under an alias in 2019 for whatever reason. They're all short and weird and not even remotely connected to each other. The Backrooms: An endless and dangerous maze of musty mono-yellow corridors. How long can you survive? Is there an end? My Cat is Stuck in a Tree: You play...
  2. EnlightenedOne

    Using OOB TSC flags to exploit memory

    Hey, so I've always been telling myself that after I'm done with modding I'll post these, but since: 1. I don't know when that will be. 2. I have a habit of randomly disconnecting from this place, never intending to come back. 3. It ain't doing any favors and is kinda selfish I guess? 4. The...
  3. EnlightenedOne

    Rave (No Story)

    EDIT: This was posted on April 1st so take that into your consideration. You know what this is. It's fucking self explanatory. Made with permission from @StarmanPolaris herself. Play one of the most recent critically-acclaimed mods, stripped down of everything that made it fun in the first...
  4. EnlightenedOne

    Enthology: Lost Chapters (Complete)

    Enthology: Lost Chapters is a different type of mod, in that it is more a collection of scrapped projects and ideas that don't have a home elsewhere, and are too incomplete to be released by themselves. Brought together and fixed up for cohesiveness, these lost chapters take place in a familiar...