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  1. AcedicDart

    Unused Button graphics

    So, these are old ass news, but after my quick search I think no one has mentioned them yet, so I figured it's okay to post. These graphics were found in switch version of Cave Story+, and show button images for PS4, Xbox One, Wii U and Switch itself, obviously. Switch ones are used on the title...
  2. DarthBishop

    Why do you play cave story?

    why do you play it, what are the reasons for playing such a good game.
  3. DarthBishop

    Did you get the best ending on your first playthrough

    Have you, and if you have did you cheat,how long did it take to defeat hell
  4. TUgly'

    What do you think about mods?

    What do you think about mods... what is your favorite mods What is your first mod you played... a discussion about what you think about all cave story mods. ;)