1. EnlightenedOne

    Genuine Plight [ Released June 1st ]

    Genuine Plight Genuine Plight is a short challenge mod and is my best attempt at making an enjoyable level that just uses spikes and instadeath, as sort of a combat to the notion that all spike usage is bad and unfun (even though most are). I put about 10 hours into it for a modding-jam...
  2. Thomas Xin

    Cave Story - Rise of Ballos

    Ok, guys, I started Cave Story in 2013, and started this mod at the end of 2013. I gave up in 2014 after I lost all the data. Then I restarted in 2015. I have decided to release this to the forum just so that others can give me feedback about it. This is my first mod, so please no mocking, or...