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    Head Man is a mod that I have been working on, on and off, for nearly a year now. As of the final version, it has three unique worlds, three bosses, 8 unique dream sequences, and some gnarly art and music (mostly) made by yours truly. This mod isn't exactly meant to be taken seriously (do note...
  2. DifficultPit96

    Grotto Fable v1.5.1 (Last updated 3/06/2019)

    NOTICE: Development on this mod is currently dead, and I honestly don't know whether I want to try to do anything else with this mod either. Dropbox link to version 1.5.1 (latest version- click the text) Dropbox link to version 1.5 (click the text) Dropbox link to version 1.4 (click the text)...
  3. SeasonsOfDestiny

    Ordeal Pillar [v1.2] [COMPLETE]

    Anyone who entered its walls never returned to the village. Most of the time, an unmarked grave would appear on its grounds for each new "challenger." Other times, however, it seemed as though they vanished without a trace. DOWNLOAD (v1.2; current as of 5/8/2018)