cave story

  1. YoshiPilot

    Cave Story Beta Images

    Was browsing reddit, and found this post on r/cavestory: Thought it was interesting. If we could get some translation of the text, that would be great. Link:洞窟物語のウラガワのウラガワ・過去作品補足編/
  2. SeasonsOfDestiny

    Seasons Plays Cave Story Mods

    As the thread name implies, I'm going to be making some longplay-esque videos for a good chunk of the complete and better unfinished mods out there now that summer break is starting soon. I currently have roughly 36 or so mods lined up, though I might be open for suggestions after I finish...
  3. Mister.Hex

    Curly Story~Reimagined

    Hello,I got trolled But I assume it Alot of curly story exist But I wanted To give mah try And it was also a 1 week challenges Contain 4th ending, Had the new ost but switched to normal Widescreen and stuff by clownacy The game:
  4. Mister.Hex

    What was the Story of Cave Story Beta

    I saw the Gameplay at the game conv with the traduction and I asked''What was the story of Cave story Beta'' I thinks the story is that the mimiga,farmer of flowers. Are being kidnapped and givin to eat at Poo Restaurant The robot named Curly Brace would have been originaly created by a old...
  5. YoshiPilot

    Cave Story+ For Nintendo Switch (Japan)

    So I was browsing twitter and saw this It shows the physical version of CS+ with the keychain and all that, along with new box art. The thing that intrigues me is the manual. It appears to show Toroko demonstrating the bitter cartridge and...
  6. Mister.Hex

    Glitches that shouldn't happens

    I got a glitches with my mod in a room,Everytime the player enter the room,it's just loop the fades effect and go in every room I tried the <END command but still there and so I change the Event of the door so it's wrong but it change do the same thing but with this room
  7. YoshiPilot

    Why does everyone hate the NICALiS ports?

    Like, this forum seems to have a lot of hate for all of NICALiS's ports. Like, what's wrong with them? Pixel wanted the game to be 60fps, but couldn't due to limitations. Also, the translation isn't that bad. Most hate it because it's not what everyone is used to. EDIT: Apparently it wasn't...
  8. yelp

    a simple question & discussion

    Why cave story beta is different then the final release? :thinking:
  9. Mister.Hex

    Is the DSI Port of Cave Story lost forever ?

    Maybe with homebrew stuff,you can,buuuuuuuut im not sure
  10. GunbladeMaster34

    Xol Story Beta 1.0

    Finally! Made it to a full beta release after all the sudden work I had! You may know this game formerly as Project My House. Well, after days of brainstorming on the title, I finally settled for Xol Story. Let's cut to the chase. Link's here. I'm gonna lay down over there cause I worked pretty...
  11. YoshiPilot

    Let’s Face it, the Mac version is the best freeware version.

    So, you might be confused as to what I mean. The Mac version is the same as the windows version, right? Wrong. Let me explain. 1. The Mac version lets you switch between 240p to 480p and full screen without closing. 2. Activating the FPS counter is a lot easier. 3. It actually scans for game...
  12. Query

    Just your normal Cave Story discussion

    well this is awkward :critter:
  13. YoshiPilot

    Is It Illegal To Distribute The Nemesis and Machine Gun Challenge Files?

    So, I'm a mac user, and I have mac CS+ running, but nicalis never gave the nemesis and machine gun challenges to the mac version. I want to take the files add them to the game like any other mod. Can someone give me those? Is that Illegal?
  14. FortniteLover2

    Halloween Mini-Modcon (HMM) 2017

    Oh boy another modcon :mahin: VB'S HALLOWEEN MINI-MODCON :debug: nice. This is new. I'm not sure if it'll work or not. Well, I'm making a modding contest. A mini modding contest. Here's the info! Alrighty. Get modding! :pignon2:
  15. The Arnozi

    Cave Story Classic Remastering Sugestions ~The Arnozi~

    I am kinda making Cave Story look better, with more detailed worlds, Art, Amount of colors and resolution<<Current Version I need some feed back on what you guys think could use more improvement in general. Iv'e...
  16. TUgly'

    Cave Story Deluxe 2.0.2

    hey guys im back here to upload cave story deluxe 2.0.2 you know me, im tugly i used a alt account (because im blocked forever) to upload cave story deluxe 2.0.2 if you want know more about me here is a thread about me and i...
  17. Purpleturtle

    cave story rpg

    idk how but someone should make a cave story rpg I think it willl be fun. What do you guys think?
  18. Tails Warrior


    I know what you're thinking, "Stop suggesting a Cave Story animated series, it will never happen". But just hear me out lol. This isn't a suggestion. In fact it's very different, it's an "announcement" of sorts, as we need help to create the animated series we've started progress on. And where...
  19. Dabaski

    How to make a cavestory mod from the 08-09 era

    Today i will show you how 2 maek a cavestory mod. 100% free no virus watch gud tutorial: I spent many many many seconds making this
  20. Fluff8836

    Cheesy Cave Story (Version

    Due to real life issues, my game will no longer be further developed (to include AI and Netplay). Since I have the lack of funds to renew my website, the latest version is available via the download links below. Current Version: Beta (11/11/2018) Minimum Resolution is 1024 x 768 A...
  21. Dabaski

    Suicide Speedrun (Mod)

    Welcome to the Suicidal Speedrun Mod. This is a mod is a very difficult game where everything kills you. At a max HP at 1, you can see yourself die alot of times and not rage a whole lot. (Because I fixed that in later versions) I've already done a complete TAS on it for the latest version I...
  22. TUgly

    Cave Story Deluxe 2.0

    HULLO Hi guys its me TUgly but TUgly Who are you???? so I'm creating cave story forum profile because I (updated) the Cave Story Deluxe to Cave Story Deluxe 2.0 or other mods some days so I don't know English because I'm Brazilian so download this game: here Is the download link...
  23. TF2Charmander

    Phoenix Wright, Turnabout Interesting?

    Sorry for the bad title but hello, I'm TF2Charmander and I want to make a Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney mod for Cave Story, the story follows Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey, Larry Butz and more on x quest and y journey. I am not the first one to think of this mod as seen here...
  24. rysoriginal

    Cave Story android version (BETA) + download link

    So yeah, this is a new thread for "Cave Story android" This game is a remake of Cave Story in libgdx gaming system, this means that maybe one day i could even release it on IOS aswell... Anyway the last ported version was about the version 0.5 BETA 3, now it's currently on version 1.0 BETA 5...
  25. Jose_Varela

    A Cave Story Theme for NotITG & OpenITG.

    So, i've been making a new theme for NotITG that is also compatible with OpenITG, a open source modification of Stepmania for ITG Styled gameplay. Video with the progress so far. Progress so far with the theme: :heart: Made the Intro Cutscene with sprites and stuff. :heart: Recreated the...