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cave story mod

  1. RageRuner

    Happy 15th Anniversary Cave Story! (Demo)

    Happy 15th Anniversery Cave Story! Its been 15 years since Cave Story was created and put into this world, now its time to celebrate that time with some actual challenges! 15 of them! The Following Challenges Are Planned to Be Present: -No Gun Challenge -Snake Challenge -Missile Launcher...
  2. BLink

    Did you play Cave Story on your first playthrough??

    Did you play Cave Story on your first playthrough?? Did you use a computer or a console to do it? If you did, then great!
  3. 2


    Head Man is a mod that I have been working on, on and off, for nearly a year now. As of the final version, it has three unique worlds, three bosses, 8 unique dream sequences, and some gnarly art and music (mostly) made by yours truly. This mod isn't exactly meant to be taken seriously (do note...
  4. EwanGreen4

    Dusk Under the Island - Forum Release

    As some of my friends in the CSMC Discord group may know, I created a mod for Modfest II on November 18th, 2017. I have since improved it, added mods and done other great things to it since. This mod contains a short little "under the island" theme, abiding by an aesthetically pleasing...
  5. GunbladeMaster34

    Project My House Alpha

    I finally did it! My first mod in progress! It's gonna be a fun little mod I plan on continuing while I look for a job, so here's the link to the download: Edit 6/2/17: Since I haven't gotten much of anyone that wants to cameo in my mod, I'm gonna make a new plot and throw in some callbacks and...
  6. Dabaski

    My Modifications

    I've been working on a mod for a very long time now, and i've fixed most of the bugs. I have planned for a full on MAC port, but haven't received the demands to produce one. So for right now it's on the PC. Download Version 1.6 Via Dropbox...
  7. Mint

    Color Story (V0.3.5)

    COLOR STORY (Yes I know that name sucks.) This is my first mod that isn't just a graphics change. Story Screenshots Download; Version 0.4 Version 0.3.5 Third Demo Second Demo First Demo Known issues Please let me know what you think of this.
  8. Mint

    MonoStory: Cave Story in Black and white! V1

    MONO STORY Cave Story in B&W! This is my first mod(although it's more of a mini-mod), so I hope everybody likes the idea behind this.. This mod is simply the same as the original Cave Story, but with one difference: Everything is in black and white! Everything in the mod does not have any...