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cave story 4k

  1. Balrog's Theme music v2

    Balrog's Theme music v2

    This one... I'm really torn on it. The original org has some magic, and trying to find the right combination of sound as an alternative has proven very difficult so far. Oh well... Maybe I'll return to challenge Balrog later! Imo, it has some ear shock at the start, but is catchy as you...
  2. Plant music v2

    Plant music v2

    *Got an Old Record!* Just another song done.
  3. Access music v1

    Access music v1

    Here's my version of Access! None of these are remixes really, just the original with a different paint job. Could change.
  4. Gestation music v1

    Gestation music v1

    And here's a little song edit for now. Might change it down the road, but right now just trying to get some things done. Enjoy~
  5. Get Heart Tank! SFX v1

    Get Heart Tank! SFX v1

    Here's a preview of some sound effects and music for the mod. No telling if this is the final version.
  6. NpcBallos comparison

    NpcBallos comparison

    So, when I first started doing these, I was doing all the heavy lifting. Then I discovered a trial for a program called AI gigapixel. Sometimes the results are hideous, but sometimes... Well then you have this beauty <3 Didn't have to do much extra work, and I like it.
  7. Tyrant - "you feel a chill"

    Tyrant - "you feel a chill"

    Edited a Tyrant midi a while ago and it's an example of the music for CS 4k. Not the final version.
  8. PrtMimi rock comparison

    PrtMimi rock comparison

    And another CS 4k example. Might work with it further.
  9. NpcRegu King comparison

    NpcRegu King comparison

    Another CS 4k example. Could change, as the body was done fairly quick.
  10. bkBlue comparison

    bkBlue comparison

    An example of CS 4k.
  11. The Island

    The Island

    Felt like uploading something. Related to the 4k stuff. Does not represent the final product, just for fun ;)