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  1. CyberSoup

    The Most LEGENDARY Weapon

    nemesis no questions asked. lightning of the goddess, for ADVANCED gamers only. blade is for fools like king who rush in and die before landing a single hit. best star trek movie too
  2. CyberSoup

    yeah everyone does that

    yeah everyone does that
  3. CyberSoup

    MODCON 2019 (Cave Story Annual Modding Contest)

    great contest 10/10 would watch BLink do absolutely nothing again this entire thing has got to be a joke, right
  4. CyberSoup

    @Tpcool they are just friends

    @Tpcool they are just friends
  5. The Fifth - Page 14

    The Fifth - Page 14

    the truth revealed.............
  6. The Fifth - Page 13

    The Fifth - Page 13

    Roy needs some time to think things over. It's only rational.
  7. The Fifth - Page 12

    The Fifth - Page 12

    Roy learns some startling information.
  8. CyberSoup

    Quick Modding/Hacking Answers Thread

    how do i use floating points in assembly
  9. The Fifth - Page 11

    The Fifth - Page 11

    Roy meets up with Stacy outside the school at night. What could she want?
  10. CyberSoup

    The Tan Cut Cola MicroTrilogy

    the bathrooms
  11. CyberSoup

    i guess that is a no.

    i guess that is a no.
  12. CyberSoup

    are you satwon

    are you satwon
  13. CyberSoup


  14. The Fifth - Page 10

    The Fifth - Page 10

    A new chapter begins! A flashback. Let's get caught up, one page at a time.
  15. teaser.png


  16. The Fifth - Page 9

    The Fifth - Page 9

    first time i did a entire page like this. it;s ok. get ready for chapter 3.. aka another flashback an entire week. that opening page doesnt write itself.
  17. CyberSoup

    maybe you arent cringing at the anime girl drawing itself, but the cringe people who associate...

    maybe you arent cringing at the anime girl drawing itself, but the cringe people who associate themselves and their personalities with things like anime or webcomics that focus on ecchi / harem content that center around cute anime girls that they buy figurines of. you need to watch some based...
  18. The Fifth - Page 8

    The Fifth - Page 8

    Ernest and Max have a discussion after an interesting event.
  19. The Fifth - Page 7

    The Fifth - Page 7

    Frank gets a cave-man tier idea: throwing a watch at someone. I'm sure this will go very smoothly.
  20. CyberSoup

    All-Seeing Eye - An editor for Guxt

    Great work, Bray. It's been awesome seeing this project come together. da first guxt mod https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/638880232761196544/638908442756644864/guxtmodlevel1_space_mining_operation_idk.zip from like two months ago.. glad to have helped test the editor and make some of the...
  21. CyberSoup

    Cave Story+ Switch Mods

    probably not, but there is a CSE2 port for switch if your switch is jailbroken, and you can mod CSE2 before you port it iirc. so modding and porting to switch is possible, but its not easy. i dont think its possible to mod the current version on switch.
  22. cyber and brayconn torture.gif

    cyber and brayconn torture.gif

    the third scariest gif on the internet. applause ensues
  23. CyberSoup

    Comment by 'CyberSoup' in media 'Yuki'

  24. CyberSoup

    Comment by 'CyberSoup' in media 'curlybrace'

    curly brace