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  1. Polar✪

    RaveStory 2

    MOD DESCRIPTION: MOD SCREENSHOTS: -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
  2. Polar✪

    A CaveStory Mod, a Mod of the game CaveStory. Cavestory mod Cavestory game mod! [Mod] [CaveStory]!!!

    This is a mod of the game cavestory! It's my short little mod! It's a mod of the game cavestory! Did you know cavestory was produced in 2009? Screencapture: Download! Fixed the death!!! Murdered safusaka in real life!
  3. Polar✪

    Bootleg copy of Ravestory discovered?

    So today I was at a garage sale like any other, browsing through a collection of old games. The woman running it was an old vietnamese lady, whose son had left behind an impressive collection of old, one-of-a-kind games! Of course, I wasn't really going to buy any of them - even as a joke - but...
  4. Polar✪

    RaveStory v1.62 - Soundtrack compiled in Flac and MP3 formats by Whatthepin!

    (Version 1.62) "The Flashy Banner and Download image caught my attention. What is this?" RaveStory was conceived one night as a joke. People were making "X-story" puns as jokes in the skype group, and someone said "RaveStory". I then said something like "I should make a mod of that", and here we...
  5. Polar✪

    Spelunky Story V.1 - WHAT IS THIS

    V.1 WATCH THIS FIRST. WHAT IS THIS?! This is a mod that changes Spelunky's tileset to match CaveStory's, more or less. The mod is unfinished but 3 areas are already done, with others being worked on at the moment. You can also download the custom music set, which replaces (almost) all the...
  6. Polar✪


    DOWNLOADDDDD (V2.7) Screenshots...??? Taken from HyMyNameIsMatt's Stream ALSO IF THERE ARE FLAWS IN THE GAME TELL ME SO I CAN FIX THEM Also, a note: This was made for a contest. That contest had a deadline. That's not an excuse to deflect criticism (I'm still actively trying to fix...
  7. Polar✪

    [On Indefinite Hiatus] The CSTSF Mod Collab

    This idea sorta fell out. I'm not suprised. I dunno when I'll pick it up again.
  8. Polar✪

    NoStoryJustCave (V.2.2) - A *Complete* mod made in 5ish days.

    So I challenged myself to make a mod as quickly as possible. A "fully fledged" one, so to speak. I basically wanted to make sure I didn't need to post "Demos". It's pretty short, but there's a few secrets and stuff to explore anyhow, and I think I did okay. Screenies (Warning: Not...
  9. Polar✪

    Malco('s) Story Demo 1 - FEATURING: STUFF

    Demo 1, V.1 I'd post more media but it's late so I'm going to go pass out, but the mod should be self explanatory. Tell me if there's something you like/dislike/there's a bug/etc because it's not done yet, yadda yadda And in the same vein as the title screen mentioned above, everything...