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  1. HaydenStudios

    Cave Story with a fourth ending

    *Winds the clocks back a year to get back in the zone of the conversation.* I can't say for sure. If it were truly loading the pallet entries correctly, it makes sense that the puppy would be showing up incorrectly, because the PSP port had them configured in a way that should have made it show...
  2. HaydenStudios

    What translation do you prefer?

    Since this discussion is being had again, I'll once again copy what I've written before on this subject: Basically I like the Aeon Genesis translation much better because it flows much more naturally. The NICALiS translation is awkward, lacks heart and emotion, and sometimes doesn't make much...
  3. HaydenStudios

    Cave Story with a fourth ending

    Oh hey, sorry I didn't see this until now, I was out this weekend and didn't have much internet access, but it looks like Serri had you covered. Thanks for trying out this mod over 8 years after its release, and I hope you enjoy it.
  4. HaydenStudios

    Also haha, I'm quite amused that you would go to the trouble to petition for my mod to be made...

    Also haha, I'm quite amused that you would go to the trouble to petition for my mod to be made cannon, but I'm doubtful that that's going to do much to influence NICALiS. I really appreciate the gesture though. It makes me happy to see my mod affecting people even 8 years later.
  5. HaydenStudios

    Hey, sorry for my late response! You are more than welcome to make a mod that serves as a sequel...

    Hey, sorry for my late response! You are more than welcome to make a mod that serves as a sequel to my 4th ending. GunBladeMaster34 started on a mod like that 7 1/2 years ago, but it never came to fruition.
  6. HaydenStudios

    Unused content general discussion.

    There was a part of me that was curious as to what Pixel originally had in mind for that line by Momorin: "What I need right now is a Booster. Now, who would have one of those..." I guess the original plan had one or more possible routes in which you reached Momorin without the booster, and had...
  7. HaydenStudios

    I've been inactive for slightly over a week, and I just saw this upon logging in. I know some...

    I've been inactive for slightly over a week, and I just saw this upon logging in. I know some people didn't like it, but it warms my heart to see that my fourth ending guide helped inspire such an amazing work of art.
  8. HaydenStudios

    Egg Corridor Challenge

    Extract the port from the zipped folder. Next, open Plus Porter, and click "File" -> "Open CS+ Directory", and browse to your CS+ installation. Now, after extracting this mod to any arbitrary folder, go to "File" -> "Open Port..." and browse to the folder of the port, select it, and click...
  9. HaydenStudios

    Egg Corridor Challenge

    I just saw this thread the other day. It's nice to see people using Plus Porter. I tried out the CS+ port and enjoyed it, it's interesting to play through the Egg Corridor as a timed challenge with the doors sealed off. This really encouraged me to try and get through as fast as possible and...
  10. HaydenStudios

    Regarding the new allegations of misconduct from NICALiS

    X-Calibar brought up some really good points. I'd like to clarify that I'm also not a fan of hyper-active cancel culture, nor of publicly posting people's private conversations from years ago. I actually think it was a bit low for those people to leak those private conversations. Even though I...
  11. HaydenStudios

    Regarding the new allegations of misconduct from NICALiS

    I'm honestly not surprised to see that these reports have come out. NICALiS has reeked of bad products, bad work ethic, and bad communication since Cave Story WiiWare. These are usually symptoms of bad management, which usually follows from bad character in the leadership.
  12. HaydenStudios

    Cave Story Last Cave (Hidden) Challenge

    There's a slightly more involved procedure to installing CS+ ports, but it's not very complicated. First off, either start with a fresh CS+ installation or undo whatever you did. You'll want to download Plus Porter. Open the program, and click "File" -> "Open CS+ Directory", and browse to your...
  13. HaydenStudios

    Red Sands - Preview Build

    Hey, Bionicobot! I haven't seen you around in a while. Nice of you to pop up again out of nowhere with this cool new mod. I haven't played mods in a while, but I decided now is a good time to get back into at least casually playing mods since I'm out of college and have more free time now that...
  14. HaydenStudios

    Was Nicalis a mistake for Pixel?

    Yep, you pretty much echoed the same sentiments I wrote about in another thread. NICALiS overall hasn't done justice to the carefully crafted masterpiece of the original Cave Story, letting tons of glitches slip in, and often leaving more to be desired with the designs. I also never cared much...
  15. HaydenStudios

    Plus Porter (

    My guess is that this is caused by the fact that folder structure navigating works a bit differently in Linux than in Windows. I do recall testing this a bit on Linux and trying to make sure that it was cross-compatible, but that was a few releases ago, so it's possible I could have broken...
  16. HaydenStudios

    Your Timeless Games List & Stories

    I saw this thread when it first got created and have been really wanting to post in it. Now that I have some free time, here are my memorable/timeless games: Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure. Apart from edutainment software like Jumpstart and Reader Rabbit, this is the first game I ever remember...
  17. HaydenStudios

    Mods general discussion

    Yep, that's how you use the quote post feature.
  18. HaydenStudios

    Plus Porter (

    Oh good, I'm glad that fixed it!
  19. HaydenStudios

    Plus Porter (

    That's interesting, so it looks like something messed up that file (I really hope it wasn't Plus Porter that did that). Under "=MOD LIST START=", there are a few lines that look different from how they should. The line "03 R+ P0P05 /CurlyStory/mod/" shouldn't have the "P0P05", it should just...
  20. HaydenStudios

    Plus Porter (

    One thought just occurred to me. What version of Cave Story+ are you running? Is it the Steam version, or Humble Indie Bundle? If the latter, when did you acquire it? The reason I ask is because I designed this program with the HIB version from back in 2011, which is quite different from some of...
  21. HaydenStudios

    Plus Porter (

    Huh, that's really weird, I've never seen that happen before. Does this same glitch occur when you have a port open and click "Apply port"? Also, as an extra note, I've had a growing list of things I've wanted to fix and make another release, but I'm not sure when I'm going to get around to...
  22. HaydenStudios

    Mods general discussion

    Other people were having the same problem. Read the other replies in this thread to see how they got around this issue.
  23. HaydenStudios

    favorite song Of The Ost

    Personally, I never found those songs to be anything special compared to some of the more talked about ones. The main reason that Scorching Back sticks with me is, like you said, because the context in which it's played is impactful. It's not like it's not a good song, it's just in my opinion...
  24. HaydenStudios

    Do the inhabitants on the island die in the normal ending?

    Break Down, actually. Meltdown (2) is the name of the Sand Zone music. There's not an overwhelming amount of evidence to suggest that the island exploded, though. We see the island fall, the screen goes black, and then we hear a crashing sound, which is presumably the sound of the island...
  25. HaydenStudios

    Cave Story FanArt

    Hey, onlineworms! Haven't seen you in ages! I like the muscle-y Quote, I missed seeing your art style. He's cute and masculine at the same time.