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  1. SpiritHunterElite

    What is the Core?

    I think the Core is a being that slept deep within the Earth but was discovered by humans. I saw them as a threat and used it's immense powers to create the island to protect itself. Feel free to add your own theories. ^_^
  2. SpiritHunterElite

    Choose your weapon

    What weapon would you choose if you had to suddenly fight?
  3. SpiritHunterElite

    Forum Hurt and Heal

    Saw that there were old ones that nobody had posted on, and decided to make a new one. Rules are the same: you can only hurt and heal, double hurt in one post. Please wait for two people post before you post again. Whenever someone runs out of HP, people cannot target them for an attack. You...
  4. SpiritHunterElite

    Classic Game Music

    Has anyone ever noticed that classic games seem to have more memorable music than modern games. For instance, Kirby 64 the Crystal Shards, has amazing music that I have found remixed everywhere and even found a lyrics video for. Games these days don't seem to have as memorable music as the...
  5. SpiritHunterElite

    Who is your Favorite Character in the Kingdom Hearts Series?

    I am interested who people's favorite character is from this series. Give an explanation as to why he/she is your favorite. Also who is your least favorite? (from the list) EDIT: added more names, I tried to limit the list to more main character based. If you have a fav or least fav not from...
  6. SpiritHunterElite

    Let's Give Them Something To Read

    Hello everyone, I am a writer but have not been able to get much inspiration. So I am offering myself to people to write scenes for them. I can write any kind of scene from a villainous entrance, to an epic battle, to a love scene, even something like a group of friends hanging out together...
  7. SpiritHunterElite

    A Challenge Is It?

    Looking for people to challenge me to a fight. You may use any weapons and powers you like as long as you follow some guidelines. No using moves that make you invincible no being a god no 1-hit kill moves No acting like a small child if you lose and whining Anyone who breaks one of these...
  8. SpiritHunterElite

    Cave Story: Glass Cannon

    Hello everyone I have decided to make a half-mod, as I like to call it, called Cave Story: Glass Cannon Mode. The main premise with this is that you have extremely powerful weapons right of the bat, but only 1hp through the whole game. DOWNLOAD LINK...
  9. SpiritHunterElite

    Cave story: Soriana's Journey

    I wanted to make a story about my own character going through the world of Cave Story. Here goes: *Drip* *Drip* *Drip* "Oohhhh..." *Drip* *Drip* *Drip* "Oh, my head" A young girl says as she awakens in a strange cave. She sits up and looks around, "Where am I, what is this place? More...