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  1. Polaris

    What are your favorite achievements of the year?

    T-T-T-TITLE! Reflect on the moments of the year where you were most awesome or things worked best! ★I didn’t die, and that’s pretty rad ★I beat the Gank Squad boss in Dark Souls II and earned the ♥Flower Skirt♥ - all by myself, after half an hour of sustained effort with Caravan Palace's Clash...
  2. Polaris

    Today is the forum's tenth anniversary!

    Yay! :D I wish I had something more significant to mention here, but I'm afraid I don't. Still, this place has been a big part of my life for two years now, so...thank you for existing! Thank you to andwhyisit for paying for hosting and fixing the forums and stuff, thank you to DoubleThink for...
  3. Polaris

    Adjectivenoun - MMO recommendations maybe?

    Are there MMOs that aren't sucky and in fact are legitimately fun?... I'm not very knowledgeable in this field and all I ever hear is "this game is boring" or "this game is just a cash grab" or "this game is way too hard or requires years of grinding". Or a combination of these and many other...
  4. Polaris

    Kero Blaster Lists/Reference

    This is just a short reference slash guide of weapons and areas and other stuff, sometimes giving unofficial names. It might have stuff like less than obvious information and other things. I don't know. ★Stages★ Hinterland Fort Greenery Zone Oxox Hotel White Laboratories Hekichi Plateau Train...
  5. Polaris

    Simplified color BBcode isn't working; preview is still evil

    Okay, so I'm really, really sorry for wasting someone's time if I'm wrong about any of this, or missed something, but I'm sure that /something/ is wrong here... So I wanted to use some pink text in a post of mine. It wasn't imperative I do so, I know, but it would help distinguish my text and...
  6. Polaris

    The Well - Polaris

    Hello. You didn't expect to see me doing this, did you? Neither did I... But, with a very important and sudden paradigm shift I experienced recently, I decided I couldn't be so reserved anymore. I wasn't sure of how I would go about loosening up, or how slowly it would be, but I knew that I...
  7. Polaris

    Character limit causes mass head asplode, news in two seconds

    Basically, the thread title. Ughhh. There are not exactly a multitude of people who regularly make posts big enough to hit the character limit. But then there's me. And OH MY SWEET COOKIES it's annoying. It's been plaguing me since forever. My thread is a mess right now because I constantly...
  8. Polaris

    [not a]MOD - Release 3, Incomplete Revision

    Hello there! I'm making a mod! :mrgreen: It's called not a MOD. ^_^; Get it here!:D It's mostly for testing and practice, to get accustomed to Modding in general. It's still somewhat short, has no particular plot, and there aren't many enemies. However, this is my first time Modding. I'm...
  9. Polaris

    Jil Jil:Gaiden

    A game created by Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya, creator of Cave Story. It is a sequel/side story to Jil Jil, a game that starred a Caterkitty batting a large lemon while avoiding pawprints. In Jil Jil:Gaiden, a lone cat is cursed with a worm-like body after a malevolent force takes control of the...
  10. Polaris

    "Nothing":An Adventure Beyond Reality

    So as I scourged YouTube the other day, I happened to find a video showing off a new little game called..."Nothing". Honestly, finding it was a lucky break, since this game is about as mysterious as things on the internet get : I searched the entire internet for a page, any page, that at least...