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    NIS Cave Story 3D Website

    NIS just launched a Flash-based site for Cave Story 3D earlier today, located here. It's kind of neat, showing off the new art style for the game, a trailer and screenshots, as well as three songs, possibly from the game. My boyfriend wanted me to get the three songs off the site for him, so I...
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    How did Balrog get involved with everything?

    Doesn't Jenka mention him being her nephew/Misery's cousin when you first meet her? Maybe Balrog was involved in the creation of the Demon Crown somehow, so the curse afflicted him, as well. Or maybe Misery just cursed him herself so she'd have some kind of servant. She seems to use him to get...
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    What if Quote were in Super Smash Bros?

    Re: Cave Story in Next SSB Possibility That's pretty much my whole idea of Balrog as an assist trophy! XD I agree that Curly would be a more likely candidate, though.
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    Hi! =3

    Hi! =3
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    Thanks! ^^...

    Thanks! ^^ [url=http://www.cavestory.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=17&view=findpost&p=121844]This post?[/url] I actually thought something was messed up at first, but after I read your message I went back and got it. XD Not [i]too[/i] disturbed. Just a little. XD
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    The sickeningly cheerful say hello, introduce yourself; now where's my cookie? topic.

    Re: The sickeningly cheerful say hello, introduce yourself; now where's my cookie? to Hm, I didn't see this thread at first, either... XD So... Hi! I'm Arctic Shadow (Andrew is my real name), and I've been playing Cave Story for the last month and I absolutely love it! Hm... What else... Well...
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    Cave Story 2?

    So, I read the interview between the people working on Cave Story 3D and Gamesradar (link, page 3) a couple days ago. Towards the end of the interview they asked Pixel if he was, or would, consider making a sequel to Cave Story, and he said that he is "now thinking that maybe it’s time to start...
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    What if Quote were in Super Smash Bros?

    Re: Cave Story in Next SSB Possibility Personally, I would love to see at least a little bit of Cave Story in the WiiU/3DS Smash Bros. I've been talking about it with my boyfriend since I got hooked on it, and he thinks it's pretty unlikely (as do I), unless a lot of attention comes to Sakurai...
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    Cave Story 3DS Discussion

    Re: Cave Story 3DS Announced! Heh, yeah, Quote in Smash Bros. would be amazing. He's already pretty much got an awesome moveset they could put in. I'd hope there'd be a stage or assist trophy character in there, too. Perhaps a portion of Mimiga Village, or Balrog appearing from the assist trophy?
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    So, How did YOU find out about Cave Story?

    Re: How were you introduced to CS? I had heard that it was a good game quite a bit, but never really thought it'd be my kind of game. My fiancé gave me a 3DS eShop card, and I was looking for titles to buy, and decided to just try it out. After I played through most of my other DSiware I...
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    Who's your favorite character in Cave Story?

    This is actually my first post here... So, uh, hi! XD My favorite character is probably Quote. I've always loved the silent heroes, and I love his design and think he's adorable. =P A close second would be King. When I first played, I thought he was a complete jerk and really didn't like him...