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  1. sixtyseconds

    Your favorite Pokemon game

    Emerald. show_message(string(get_end_of_thread("Your favorite Pokemon game"))) 1 [OK]
  2. sixtyseconds

    Is Pixel Here?

    Pi(x)lls here!
  3. sixtyseconds

    Close your eyes and draw quote

    nope 100% mouse art sorry
  4. sixtyseconds

    Hyper Princess Pitch

    First i was like Then i was like
  5. sixtyseconds

    Cave Story 8-bit

    This is adorable. On a related note, i was thinking about palette-switching graphics to make gameboy b/w cs... should i?
  6. sixtyseconds

    The Wish-Granting Game

    What the fuck is a-oh. duh. *google* Granted. Hope you don't mind, I used your face as a sheath. I wish for christmas to arrive on schedule.
  7. sixtyseconds

    How does Curly end up in the Sacred Grounds?

  8. sixtyseconds

    What does Balrog eat?

    Most anyone who bathes.
  9. sixtyseconds

    The Wish-Granting Game

    Granted. However, you are allergic to cherries. They give you AIDS. I wish for the person above me to not have AIDS.
  10. sixtyseconds

    The Wish-Granting Game

    Granted. you are very good and well behaved whenever you visit a place called "sports." I wish for Cave Story+ to come out on steam.
  11. sixtyseconds

    In this Topic we rate eachother's Avatars/Sigs.

    Av: 10/10 that is hilarious somehow Sig: 8/10 BLAAAAAAAAAAAAGH
  12. sixtyseconds

    The Wish-Granting Game

    Granted. You are now rather skilled at creating partially transparent 2D raster images for use in video games. But the only images you are good at are blank ones. I wish for pretzel m&ms.
  13. sixtyseconds

    Who are you?

    I am... PAINIS CUPCAKE. I will eat you.
  14. sixtyseconds

    Close your eyes and draw quote

    http://pixlr.com/ ^ ^ ^ I wasn't at home, so i had to use that. I woulda used Muro but internet fuckingpieceofshitsplorer said "LOLNOPE"
  15. sixtyseconds

    Spiral Knights! Special Offer from Yours Truly!

    It isn't full screen. When i try to change resolution it crashes. FAIR WARNING: it defaults into full voice chat, so the other players heard some retarded comments by my little bro. :droll:
  16. sixtyseconds

    Sue's Workshop - New version in Development!

    >New Game (Easy) New Game (Hard) New Game (Dev Commentary) Continue >Play Options I didn't really want to add functions, though. My focus was more on changing the appearance, like in WTF Story or TotB.
  17. sixtyseconds

    The Wish-Granting Game

    Granted. Here, let me hack the forums for-oh fuck i'm banned. Nevermind. I wish for english.
  18. sixtyseconds

    Close your eyes and draw quote

    I'm not on my home computer so i used pixlr. ps: that's the pencil tool, it did that automatically. no shading was done with eyes open, i promise.
  19. sixtyseconds

    The Wish-Granting Game

    Granted. Here, let me toss them over to you *barf* i wish for my own meme
  20. sixtyseconds

    What do listen to when you play games?

    i only ever listen to music when I'm playing Minecraft creative mode. Otherwise, audio cues are too important.
  21. sixtyseconds

    Spiral Knights! Special Offer from Yours Truly!

    I tried, man, but meh. the window is ~70 pixels too tall for my screen, so i can't see the hud. it also crashes whenever i try to change that. somehow i managed to create a lightning sword and gun though. the gameplay is fun, but could use some optimizing. and a lot of tutorials.
  22. sixtyseconds

    The Wish-Granting Game

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrranted. Except it isnt. I wish for a sausage fest.