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  1. Mikado

    stupid ways you've hurt yourself

  2. Mikado

    favourite track?

    mine would be scorching back
  3. Mikado

    How did your first playthrough go?

    got the MG on my first, then left curly in the cabin & got the bad ending & reset.
  4. Mikado

    Where did the talksprites for human sue come from?

    they never appear in game. why do they exist?
  5. Mikado

    i found a terrible thing

    I was on steam a couple days back and I checked out the community for CS+. There, someone reposted what I think was the worst fanfiction ever. The OP had semi good writing skills and put it into this. So, here it is. Quick NSFW warning. For some reason, certain words are hyperlinked to links...
  6. Mikado

    three noticed flaws in cs+

    Boss rush plays the seal chamber music before fighting the Heavy Press, but then plays the usual core room music before fighting Ballos. This was probably a silly mixup. I'm not sure if this is in every NiCALiS port. The credits for the normal ending have the info for Balrog as "A new...
  7. Mikado

    what "master" was balrog referring to?

  8. Mikado

    not a suggestion, but how do I get a custom title? [for a lack of better word]

    how do i choose what text is displayed where "senior member" or the like is?
  9. Mikado

    can't beat hardmode Monster X

    snake, blade3, & going for the good ending.
  10. Mikado

    the mimiga are probably dogs.

    curly refers to itoh as "little dog boy", & considering she has lots of experience among the colons, it's safe to assume she would know the basis of their species even.
  11. Mikado


  12. Mikado

    [EDIT: Nevermind]

    [already added sorry]
  13. Mikado

    would you rather

    one says "Would you rather [x] or [y]?", & the other quotes this & answers accordingly.
  14. Mikado


  15. Mikado

    modding without extensive programming knowledge?

    simple mods such as dialogue edits & the like.
  16. Mikado

    who wrote the note by the map?

    if you don't know what I mean, lemme explain. so, in the starting village, above the shack, there's a rock formation with a chest. jumping up to it proves fruitless, as you don't have any sort of propulsion. however, you can jump down to it & obtain the map. the map has a note attached to it...
  17. Mikado

    it doesn't.

  18. Mikado

    sacred grounds advice?

    normal, 45hp, machine gun, booster 2.0. are there any save points?