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  1. cavestoryLOL

    Cave Story: Anniversary Project

    Calling the animators over on this site, the first Cave Story animation project for its anniversary is here. This is the Cave Story: Anniversary Project! Goal?: To have several animators to work together and retell the game's story by having multiple talented fans animating it, all for the...
  2. cavestoryLOL

    Cave Story: The Story That Never Happened Demo

    Hey guys! Here is my first mod, and I hope you like it. I will answer any questions when I have time. :) This is only the first portion of the game, so don't judge me for how uncompleted it is. Screenshots: I will answer questions by replies, so don't check all over the place up here for them...
  3. cavestoryLOL

    The Almond (Remix)

    I worked hard on this remix. I attempted to make a remix of the music that plays before The Core boss fight, and I hope any of you who are looking at this enjoy it. Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9OAokecSj3oLWlrYThpZE1VQlk/view?usp=sharing