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  1. onlineworms

    Minecraft + Cavestory

    What would be made if Minecraft and Cavestory was mixed together? Like in CS, how it would be like if there is crafting system? Try to imagine: Digging the outer wall sand block to make Anti-gravity gun, digging death trap to make Kanpachi's fishing pole, etc. During the night, fight the...
  2. onlineworms

    Is Misery trying to help Quote and Mimigas all the time?

    Well, two events make me think this: 1)In the warehouse, King was going to save Toroko but he failed and then was hit by lightning strike(supposed to be Misery's attack). Misery flied up and disappeared right after attacked King. Then the teleporting sound effect played while Toroko and King...
  3. onlineworms

    CS Four-Frame Comic

    I made a new thread because I am too lazy to find out how many four-frame comics are there in the fanart thread. :p Drawing four-frame comic is a good way to express humor and your own imagination. If you have any good four-frame comic, please post it. I'll post mine. :D
  4. onlineworms

    Cave Story comic

    Here I drew only three pages.(and coloured the first page) If you guys like it,I'll keep on drawing:p The story is about my friend,Hydrowing,who translated Cave Story into Simplified Chinese. Storyline is not decided yet.