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  1. ChampionDude345


    In this Demo, you only get the main game, as well as 3 bonus levels. As for the game itself, you have a cool dash ability! Press Z while in midair to dash! (It's a shortened Booster 2.0) DOWNLOAD! (v1.02) (CURRENT BIG PATCH: NERFED ROOM 8, ADDED BONUS LEVEL 3)
  2. ChampionDude345

    True Hell 2 (Version 3 Now Available)

    Ever thought True Hell was "Too Difficult" or, "A Bad Mod" Just wait until you see the sequel! WARNING: Please do not play this mod if you have problems with super difficult mods. "Spike Hell's", if you will. This mod was made to be difficult, so no nerfing will be required. Save points exist...
  3. ChampionDude345

    "The balcony of gloom" - ???

    A friend wrote me this poem a while ago. Thought I might as well share it. Ehh, long story short, this poem really helped me get through hard times, and I just thought I might as well let others read it.
  4. ChampionDude345

    Happens every dang time

    Tell me; How many times has THIS occured?
  5. ChampionDude345

    Raspberry Pi: How to install Cave Story?

    I have a raspberry pi 2, and I was wondering if there was a way to get Cave Story on it. Right now, I have the raspbian OS, if that helps anything. Thanks ahead of time!
  6. ChampionDude345

    Dear Evan Hansen ~ A Broadway Musical

    So, a while back, My friends showed this musical. This musical is pretty neat, I would give it a solid 10/10. Not sure how to describe it, so I'll say it has a great story, and also a great soundtrack. This musical is also available as a book, so you don't have to go all the way out and buy...
  7. ChampionDude345

    Project Insanity -1.3.1-

  8. ChampionDude345

    Doki Doki Literature Club!

    Overall, a great game! I don't wanna say much, because of spoiler reasons. Its just a great spin on normal VN dating sim looking games. I recommend you play it! Its free on Steam! http://store.steampowered.com/app/698780/agecheck
  9. ChampionDude345

    Rainbowfied Nightmare

    I had a thought: What if I created a challenge mod in under an hour? Outcome: Download (1.01) Record: About Mod: Ballos Boss. Starts at Ballos Boss Have Spur, Snake, Blade, and ULTRA POWERFUL super missiles Booster 2.0 with 20000 fuel (No joke) Much more difficult Phase 2 Have Fun! PATCH...
  10. ChampionDude345

    VVVVVV Review (Kind of)

    After playing throug VVVVVV on steam, I would give it a solid rating of 7/10. It has great music, really matches the games 80s feeling theme. It has great hard level design, especially for a rage game. The challenges the game brings are great. Still working on that no-death mode. Anyone else...
  11. ChampionDude345

    What do YOU think of Fidget Spinners

    What do you all think of fidget spinners? Heres what I think: It is all one big dead meme that nobody cares about anymore.
  12. ChampionDude345

    Fireball Challenge 1.1

    1(1.1) NEW UPDATE RELEASED! ~Fireball Challenge~ (Short description) Originally part of my bad mod, "The Gauntlet", this challenge was the only one that stood out to me. I thought I might as well make It its own mod, right? DOWNLOAD 1.1 Have fun with it! Sneak Peak Video (Old, 1.0 Footage)...
  13. ChampionDude345

    True Hell Challenge 1.0

    Good Luck. Creators: ChampionDude345 Project Overturn AKA RareBeeph Other credits in game. HIGH SCORES PRE-ALPHA TRUE HELL: ??? TRUE HELL A1.3: 9'00'0 ColdCallerLoopy TRUE HELL V2: [[Not Released]] PRE-Alpha DOWNLOAD PA2.0 ALPHA DOWNLOAD A1.0 DOWNLOAD A1.3 Release DOWNLOAD 1.0 Tell me if you...
  14. ChampionDude345


    DOWNLOAD Zip Files! Yay! This is a challenge mod! Credits: Clownacy for the DLL mod loader. Anyway, back to mod stuff. 4 areas: Bush Lands Labyrinth Wind Fortress? (CLOSED) Hell Challenges: Bush Lands Time Attack Labyrinth Time Attack Wind Fortress? Time Attack (CLOSED) Hell Time Attack Time...
  15. ChampionDude345

    Hello Story BETA (Version

    This is my mod, "Hello Story" that I have been working on for months now. I will post huge updates soon. For now, enjoy my Beta Version! This mod is totally not called "Cave 2 Story" Or "Cave Story 2" ...That was an early build name and forgot to change it... Download Version
  16. ChampionDude345

    Multiple Save Files

    Multiple Save Files!