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  1. UltraSUPRA

    Who is Ballos's wife and who is his child?

    Whenever I do the Blood-Stained Sanctuary, something always nags at me. When you enter, the dog (who was apparently also there at the Core) says that Jenka has a brother named Ballos. Later when you enter Ballos's seal chamber, he mentions a wife and child. (I don't remember if he said the child...
  2. UltraSUPRA

    Aeon Genesis Translation vs NICALiS Translation

    Surprised no-one decided to do this considering the WiiWare version has been around for almost as long as the Aeon Genesis translation (and Cave Story in general). I actually prefer the NICALiS version myself. Let's start at the beginning of the game, where Kazuma messages Sue on some sort of...