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  1. zxin


    Don't forget to with all certainty not ask me nothing and I won't not answer completely %100 honestly. Ask awayyy!
  2. zxin

    1 Handed Controls Hack

    So I finally managed to fuck up my right wrist today. I guess speed running Task Force whilst developing it intensively was too hard on it... but I still need to play Cave Story, 'cause duh I do. So here's my solution: A simple hack that gives a control layout based on using only one hand. Using...
  3. zxin

    Muri v2 Demo

    A strange mod I made for April 1st titled "無理v2:四月一日エディション", or "Muri v2: APRIL 1ST EDITION" intended to convince or fool people into thinking that Muri's 26 month development had resulted in a minuscule speed-run challenge that could be beaten in under 40 seconds. The mod contains a few small...
  4. zxin

    CSTSFMC2017 - Mod Discussion Thread

    I hope everyone found some enjoyment out of the modding competition. But now, it's time for ... THE CAVE STORY TRIBUTE SITE FORUMS MODCOM 2017 DISCUSSION: End of the Indefinite Deadline Not discussion of the competition itself -- but rather of the mods entered into it, listed below. ENTRY...
  5. zxin

    Tell me about Zxin, Why does he wear the mask???

    This may be the case but it's pointless to be needlessly rude about this. "Learning to make interesting maps" isn't something that just happens overnight, and will often come naturally with experience. This is a first mod, you can't expect rainbows. Personally I think that although this design...
  6. zxin

    Unused Content Compendium

    [WORK IN PROGRESS...] This is a compendium of all the unused content and assets in Cave Story. This compendium uses both the AGTP translation and the original version of Cave Story as references. Any contributions to speed up the completion of this compendium are welcomed, mostly regarding...
  7. zxin

    Cave Story+ Recordings De-syncing

    Okay, so all but my Wind Fortress recordings in CS+ have recently become horrifically unsynced. It's true that I have been significantly editing CS+ recently, but it isn't something that should interfere with all the challenges. So what can I do...?
  8. zxin

    CSTSF Modding Competition 2017 - Submission and Discussion Thread

    Hello everybody! I've been planning to host one of these for quite a while, and I felt that the eve of the next month was the perfect time. So, prepare yourselves for... THE CAVE STORY TRIBUTE SITE FORUMS MODDING COMPETITION (contest?) 2017: Return of the Modding Contest (or somethang) This...
  9. zxin

    The Myers Briggs Game

    In the Myers Briggs game you guess the Myers Briggs personality type of another user on the forum based on their behaviour. Preferably somebody with some kind of presence. (you can't just name Gin or something) If somebody guesses your personality type you're free to explain how wrong they are...
  10. zxin

    Kero Blaster Discord

    So Thomas Xin and I run a small Kero Blaster server, and we'd like to expand the number of members we have. So if you like Kero Blaster (or Ikachan?) come say hi and let's talk about how Cave Story was much better the Kero modding scene needs more attention and shit like that. You can join...
  11. zxin

    N.E.T. Story Voice Acting Applications

    I love to keep utmost secrecy about Cave Story mods that I'm working on, (by, for example: Not releasing demos, giving one development screenshot a year, and one video per mod) however it is time for me to let out a bit more information out than usual*; why...? Fuck, man, didn't you read the...
  12. zxin

    you suck

    Change everything on the forums to "you suck." Like so:
  13. zxin

    How do read internet

    Is the website dead or something?
  14. zxin

    Cave Rap - A Cave Story Mod Made With Gizoogle

    Da name say it all. All tha text has been put trough Gizoogle. Da modz downlizzle be attached below. Da mod took roughly 5 hours ta make, hope you enjoy.
  15. zxin

    Favorite Forum Quotes

    What are your favourite forum quotes? (Not 'those' ones) Well, basically the way this works is paste a quote -- or a section of a quote -- which you could consider your favourite, or one of your favorites What's the point of this? There is none! (That's why I love forum games, except this isn't...
  16. zxin

    Muri (A Cave Story Mod)

    yeah ok remake being made maybe
  17. zxin

    Crowned Christmas

    DISCLAIMER: I did not make this mod, I merely made it work. I found this mod while browsing the Dokutsu Uploader, it looked good but refused to work, so I fixed it because I thought it looked good. This mod is actually pretty decent, especially for a 2006 mod, minus the bad English. It's full...
  18. zxin

    What's Your Favourite Programming Language?

    I want to know: What's your favourite programming language? And if you have the time... Please tell me why. Me personally? I like C. Why? Because I've never literally burst into tears trying to use it. Least favourite? I don't like JavaScript but Java is the one that's given me the most pain...
  19. zxin

    OS Development Log

    This is a simple log of my thoughts, feelings and experiences while learning to code and coding an operating system.
  20. zxin

    Cave Story+ Sound Test?

    Dunno if anyone knows this, but in Cave Story+ if you go to the key configuration menu and press F1/F2 some text at the bottom of the screen will say 'SOUND [Number]' and it will play the sound, there are 117 of them, F1 makes the number go up and F2 makes it go down. Pretty sweet stuff.
  21. zxin

    N.E.T. Story II: The Surface (A Cave Story Mod In Development) [Update #1]

    The original post: So before you ask when it's coming out: (Because if you do so I will kill you) I don't know, the mods in Pre-Alpha and there's a finite amount of game-play. So what can I tell you? Well first off: you have to have finished N.E.T. Story first, and then grab your save and shove...
  22. zxin

    Wind Fortress: What is it and where is it in the timeline?

    I'm guessing this has been done to death but what is the G-CLONE, where was it going to be in the main story-line and why was it left out? So here is my (rather long) theory on it: Where does this all appear in the timeline? I think that since the drafty cave looks like Grasstown maybe it was...
  23. zxin

    Gero Blaster -- better than Kero Blaster?

    I've played Kero Blaster, twice trough the normal game and twice trough new game+. I just recently watched the trailer for Gero Blaster, and I think it looked much better. It also looked a lot more like Cave Story than Gero Blaster, Kero Blaster seems more like Cave Story Beta. (Money in...
  24. zxin

    N.E.T. Story (A Cave Story Mod) =Big Update Coming!=

    "zxin where's the thread?" Calm down, I'm just updating it so people know more about the update. [/SIZE][/spoiler] Download(s) Screenshots Beginner's Guide If you're stuck in the early parts of the game this guide is to help you. It's not for the whole thing, just to help you with the start...