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  1. sixtyseconds

    Teh halloween thread

    teh halloween thread post halloween related stuff here
  2. sixtyseconds


    Arc Spin the circles to align sparks and cause a chain reaction! This game is really addictive.
  3. sixtyseconds

    Wow, amazing

    Here's what happens if you get a 404 error now. Lol, Internet :D
  4. sixtyseconds

    Punch the Doctor

    I was bored last night, so I made a frustration outlet involving the Doctor and Quote's fist. Press Space to punch. You can download it here
  5. sixtyseconds

    Oh, you're gonna love this

    http://www.mediafire.com/?n4jr2ilffnv42gf Mwahaha. PLAY IT. PLAY IT NOW.
  6. sixtyseconds

    Requesting download link to Legacy Story

    So, yeah. SP's site is dead, Nator's site is dead..... Anyone who has it, please upload it to mediafire or something and post the link here.
  7. sixtyseconds

    Discolor: My Homebrew Game

    I've been working on a game these last couple days. So far I've only made music for it and some sprites. Here is the music PLZ REMIX IT SO IT DOESNT SUCK THX :D I'll update this thread whenever I make significant progress in the development.
  8. sixtyseconds

    Objection!!! War

    I'll start. http://objection.mrdictionary.net/go.php?n=4153883
  9. sixtyseconds

    FlashyGoodness.com died. :(

  10. sixtyseconds

    Dammit, Ralren!

    ;) Why do you hate me?
  11. sixtyseconds

    Talk in Smileys

    :DI'll start. :):(:(:(:):D:D:):):):):):D:D:):(:(:(:(:D:D:):(:(:(:(:D:D:(:):):):(:D:D:(:):( :):(:(:(:):D:D:):(:(:(:(:D:D:):(:(:(:(:D:D:):(:(:(:(:D:D:):(:(:(:):D:D:(:):( :):):):):):D:D:):):):):):D:D:):(:(:(:(:D:D:):(:(:(:(:D:D:):(:(:(:):D:D:(:):(...
  12. sixtyseconds

    Search wait? WTF?

    I clicked New Posts, and this is what I got. Okay, maybe the forum timer has a use, but THIS? RETARDED!
  13. sixtyseconds

    Quote's thoughts

    A bit of a story I'm writing. What do you think?
  14. sixtyseconds

    Only 20 more people need to join and we will have 1,337 members!

    Something I noticed while browsing teh forumz. Discuss!
  15. sixtyseconds

    Favorite Weapon in Cave Story

    Post your favorite weapon in Cave Story. Simple, no? Mod weapons are not canon (Lace rubbed my face in it) so dont uses tehm. Arrite? Mine: Spur.
  16. sixtyseconds

    The Mimiga Army

    This is what happened to the Plantation Mimigas after the coward ending! Can be downloaded here. [EDIT] OH HELL YEAH! NEW DEMO! Download here! [edit2] [edit3]Final Release Includes Red Spike Patch, so you don't have to DL it again I also added more saves, since people complained. [Edit4]Updated...
  17. sixtyseconds

    Rocket launcher infinite ammo hack

    You get the Super Missile at the start and must complete a set of challenges and two bosses. Can be downloaded here. EDIT: Here is a copy of Cave Story in which you have the Super Missile infinite ammo and can get no other weapons. Oh by the way, the sand zone armadillos are vulnerable to the...
  18. sixtyseconds

    Mimiga relationships.

    Here are the Mimiga relationships (boy-girl) as far as I know. Tell me if I missed any. Kanpachi=Secret crush on Sue. King=Open/evident crush on Toroko. Jack=Secret crush on Toroko. Santa=Possible prior relationship with Chaco. Oh by the way, I briefly considered putting a Cthulu in Chaco's...
  19. sixtyseconds

    Cave Story: Escape the Island

    My mod. No demo yet, but one coming soon. For story, I have this. Here are some screen shots!