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  1. metallicLurker

    The (unofficial) OrgMaker Competitive Discord Server

    I've recently created a Discord server for people interested in OrgMaker and it's usage/modding. Click here to join. You can also stay and discuss anything else here, if you need a quiet place to do so. We also host Competitions about once a month. Be sure to read the rules.
  2. metallicLurker

    Hey, I take .org requests.

    Title. Here's the information you'll (most likely) need to include if you're going to request an .org. It takes me 2 days for one .org, on average. But I do things chronologically, so I'll eventually get to everything. If you're unsure whether I can grant your request, you can DM me...
  3. metallicLurker

    Life choices

    So... let's say, a person is about 2 years away from graduating. Usually, people choose universities and jobs based on their preference, their (er,) parents, and the availability of said job. Some people can even choose if they are interested in multiple things at once. Even if they have to...
  4. metallicLurker

    (WIP)(ORG)Cave Story Rearranged - an album of remixes of remixes of CS soundtrack

    CURRENT STATUS: 13(18) soundtracks so far. Suspended until further notice. Also, a huge shout-out to DM DOKURO, this album is inspired by his works. You can check out his music here. I plan to update my soundtracks to improve them, so (constructive) criticism and suggestions are welcome!