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  1. WheatleyMF

    Pixel's soundtrack for unknown game?

    So in May 2014 i'm downloaded Pixel's site via Teleport Pro, and, i find... "wharf.mp3" and "boss.mp3". It has low bitrate and looks it's not never used by Pixel. Currently this MP3 files is deleted, but i still have it. I don't sure. Maybe, it's from Gero Blaster, or not... ...Rockfish? How i...
  2. WheatleyMF

    OLD OrgMaker 1.3.4

    Hi! I found old Organya Maker 1.3.4. It's diffrent. Why? Maybe you know about beta OrgView, like OrgView05. Dated: 2003.03 That music has diffrent sound effects, and you can't create music with that sound effects in ORGMaker 1.3.4/2 In that version i already available OLD sound effects, and...