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  1. jed37

    Gaudi Story v0.4

    I'm making a mod. For real this time. New gameplay. I haven't made too much of it yet, and it's probably going to end up being a pretty short mod. But here's what I've got so far. Gaudi Story v0.4 It's meant to explain the loose ends of the original CS, including Professor Booster's...
  2. jed37

    Cave Story: Snarky Edition

    Have you ever wished there was a version of CS where Quote could talk? What if Quote wasn't Quote, but was some random guy who looks suspiciously like my avatar? I'm working to grant that strangely specific wish! Here's the demo. I've only changed things up to the first Balrog battle, but you...
  3. jed37

    Cave Story Blade Mod

    Hey, guys I made a weapon hack! I changed the blade into a melee weapon! (Level 3 is the same). Besides that, the game is the same. The included Profile.dat will let you test it out in hell pretty quickly. Check it out! :rolleyes: EDIT: I fixed the hitrect issue! It now hits where it should...
  4. jed37

    What if...

    the weapon energy triangles are actually tiny pieces of the TRIFORCE?