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  1. LemonBread

    Chords in OrgMaker

    Is there any way to make chords on one beat in OrgMaker 2 without setting multiple instruments to one instrument or is there a new OrgMaker version that allows me to do that? Help would be appreciated, thanks!
  2. LemonBread

    need help patching the .ips file for OrgMaker

    I recently downloaded OrgMaker and i need help patching the .ips file. whats a good patcher i could use and how would i patch it? i tried using LunarIPS and that didnt work
  3. LemonBread

    did something to the .org files. can this affect the game music?

    I dont know anything about how PC game music works, first of all so i was messing around with some of the Cave Story+ files (looking at the sprites, etc.) when i decided "what if i opened the .org files with audacity?", and now the regular Blank Page icon used for unknown files in Windows 10...