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  1. Ambient_Malice

    Chocolate Sunday Demo

    Chocolate Sunday is my new Cave Story mod for PC and PSP with a heavy focus on story, player choices, and exploration. This demo covers the first 1\3 or so of the finished mod. I hope you enjoy it. I also hope I managed to squash the worst of the bugs. Dowload Demo 1.0 (Windows and PSP...
  2. Ambient_Malice

    Iconoclasts has a new alpha...

    I got this off twitter, since I follow Konjak. http://www.konjak.or...s2012alpha2.zip --2012 alpha 2 link http://t.co/HAq6LK3d --alternate link... http://www.konjak.or...older=4&file=30 --page for original alpha release. Longer, but uglier, way buggier, and yea, unfinished.
  3. Ambient_Malice

    What happened to ufo_z (Cave Story PSP port dev)

    I'm just curious as to what happened to the guy. I've read his blogs and stuff, but it all comes to an end soon after he released Cave Story PSP RC1. How did he convince Pixel to hand over the source code for Cave Story? Was the Mac port built from original source, as well? I'm just curious...
  4. Ambient_Malice

    The H. P. Lovecraft references in Cave Story

    I was gonna put this in the "Logic behind the names of guns" thread, but it's locked now... Anyway, I had a revelation this morning. The Polaris weapon is most likely a reference to H. P. Lovecraft's story "Polaris", just as the mysterious character Cthulhu is a blatant reference to...
  5. Ambient_Malice

    I need to contact Zarro Tsukei (ZarroTsu)

    I need to contact Zarro Tsukei, aka ZarroTsu, because I'm working on the PSP port/Enhanced version of his mod Eternal Chaos. I'm currently searching his various pages around the web, but haven't found contact details yet. His Twitter hasn't been updated in a month, either. If anyone knows him...
  6. Ambient_Malice

    Live Action Cowboy Bebop

    Share your thoughts on the Live Action Cowboy Bebop film, which is set to star Keanu Reeves. The film's in production limbo at the moment, but when compared to Live Action Evangelion and Live Action Ghost in the Shell, seems like it will actually go ahead. Myself, I'm not much of a Bebop fan. I...
  7. Ambient_Malice

    Converting vanilla mod to PSP. HELP ME! *SOBS*

    I'm working on a Cave Story mod called Chocolate Sunday. I'm kinda new to CS modding, but I've quickly got the hang of Sue's workshop. (0.3A) My mod has no fancy tricks. It's a script-heavy level mod using existing content. How do I convert this mod to PSP format? I really want to be able to...