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  1. Malpercio

    MLP: Fighting is Magic

    So, I'm sure the whole internet (at least, everyone that cares and quite a few people that don't) know there's a leaked Fighting is Magic build. Multiplayer works, obviously. And, I can host a server. Usually only later at night, though. Anyone had fun with the build yet?
  2. Malpercio

    Change the number of posts per page?

    So I remember on the old version of the forums (whatever we were using before IPBoard) there was a quick little setting in the UCP to change the number of posts displayed per page of a thread. Is there any way to do this under the new system? I used to have it set to 40 instead of ten because...
  3. Malpercio


    See post title.
  4. Malpercio

    Gmail Notifier is epic, dudes.

    so i was in my Gmail account one time and i saw this little thing about the Gmail Notifier at the bottom so i downloaded and installed it, and now it's like i have live forum updates and shit for free!
  5. Malpercio

    Cave Story Timed Edition

    Whee my first actual release! As far as I know, everything is working perfectly, but if you find a bug not there in an unmodded copy of CS, tell me. without further ado, i present: CAVE STORY: TIMED EDITION Features: - Nikumaru Counter activated at start to time a run of the entire game instead...
  6. Malpercio

    Save the dragons!

    http://dragcave.net because yes, we do need a thread for this. so, the main page is so full of abandoned eggs that you can't get new ones. i decided to help with the clutter.
  7. Malpercio

    CS Timed Version

    Hello. My name is Malpercio. I am lazy. However, thanks to a random idea i had and a bunch of ASM provided by Noxid, i am nearly prepared to release my first mod evah! *fanfare* Anyway. This mod activates the Nikumaru counter from the start of the game instead of not activating until Hell. ASM...
  8. Malpercio

    Forum Move Cleaning

    so how many people went back to Miraigamer and cleared out anything about their profiles? i just finished nuking mine. i left posts behind, but everything else is deleted. anyone else do the same or something similar?
  9. Malpercio


    <insert flow of discussion from CS: Hard Mode thread to the point where i said it would be cool to take out the cutscenes, and the reply to that post.> i meant i was thinking about doing it. in fact, i'll start tomorrow, by documenting which flags need to be set at which events lol. would it be...
  10. Malpercio

    oooh, looky a question

    who would i talk to about getting my name changed? if you've seen me on IRC recently then you've noticed i dont use this name on IRC. i'd like my forum name to match, but i dont know who to ask.
  11. Malpercio

    What if Quote were in Super Smash Bros?

    i was playing online against a friend this morning while listening to CS music, and i thought, what if Quote were a playable character? what are your ideas?