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  1. Schilcote

    This Looks Shopped

    A little forum game that was invented back on the Wiremod.com forums. I post an image which has been shopped, then someone shops that image, then someone shops that image etc... Rules: You cannot remove a previous modification. You can modify someone else's addition, but you can't completely...
  2. Schilcote

    fscking screencappers

    I need a screencap program that automatically splits its output into 15 minute segments. I'm sick of CamStudio's bullshit.
  3. Schilcote

    Pixel Art

    Thread for arts of the pixular variety. Anyone know who this is supposed to be (without reading the filename)? :mrgreen: I can't seem to draw a torso properly. Can anyone help?
  4. Schilcote

    Steam Gift Giving!

    Well, it's Christmas, the season of giving shit to other people and pretending to be nice to your family. Steam is having an absolutely massive sale over the holidays. Bigger than usual. Since even I will have enough cashmonehs to send gifts because of this sale, it seems logical for everyone...
  5. Schilcote

    RTD: Netland II

    Arright, I've been looking through this place's forum game section. IT SUCKS! I'm going to have to show you miserable organic life forms REAL FORUM CULTURE. Also, the rather... sudden removal of my person from the forums I previously inhabited forced me to leave my threads behind... Anyway...
  6. Schilcote

    I feel horrible for having to do this...

    ... but could anyone do some sprites for me? I'm absolutely horrible at pixel art. All I need right now is a green crew-cab pickup truck. Should take up two map tiles. pweeeeeeeeeeease~
  7. Schilcote

    GalGen Tech Demo/Prototype Game: Alpha Test

    I'm writing a game-y thing. It's going to be ÜB3R-1337awesome. At some point. It's in the alpha stage right now. CURRENT VERSION: