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  1. alfasketer

    Kero Blaster Update: Zangyou Mode

    So, yesterday after the release of Pink Heaven on the Playsim, they announced Kero Blaster Zangyou Mode (or roughly translated by Google, Overtime mode.) It's a free update to Kero Blaster and will be released on October 11th acording to the Playism page...
  2. alfasketer

    Amazon Free Apps

    Merry Christmas everyone. Amazon gives you a chance to get famy android apps for free such as FNaF and Terraria. http://www.amazon.com/gp/mas/get-appstore/android/ref=mas_rw_ldg?tag=editorial08-20
  3. alfasketer

    Game of the Year?

    So the end of 2014 is near and 2015 is coming. What is your game of the year.
  4. alfasketer

    Which your most favorite map/place in Cave Story

    So guys I wanted to ask you which your most favorite map/place in Cave Story and why [Based on overall look; level design; music; tone; battle sections; Bosses (if there are any); secrets; lasting appeal and maybe a deep meaning]
  5. alfasketer

    Quote vs. Kero Blaster

    Who do you think will win in a battle? Quote or Kero
  6. alfasketer

    Curly in Chalenge mode. (Only on CS+)

    Hey guys. I found an interesting secret in Cave Story + where you can play challenge mode with Curly. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=281992568 [P.S. I'm new here so if you don't like something feel free to judge me in the forum :) ]