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  1. Audible_Gaming

    What Do You Play Games On

    I Use My Pc,Xbox 360/One And Wii
  2. Audible_Gaming

    The Island Defense Team

    Rules We Have Been Sent As A Team To Destroy The Demon Crown What Is Your Role?Mine Is I Rush Forward Risking My life Each Time So You Can Get A Hit {Kamikaze Who Does Not Die Till The End}
  3. Audible_Gaming

    The Cstsf Member Rpg Stats d&d/Fallout

    I Am strength 5 perception 5 endurance 5 charisma intelligence 10 agility 5 luck 5 I do the talking
  4. Audible_Gaming

    CSTSF adventure to kill Ballos

    I have brought you all here so we can kill Ballos {Rules are you say what happens next and we cant team Kill}
  5. Audible_Gaming

    favorite song Of The Ost

    I Wanted To Get An Idea of People's Favorite Parts Of The Soundtrack {Mine Is The sand zones Theme}