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  1. FDeityLink

    Found 3 ASM weapon entity addresses previously labeled as <nothing?>

    Entity 182 - 44C220 - Polar Star as used by Curly in Labyrinth M Entity 183 - 44BE10 - Machine Gun as used by the Curly Boss and/or Curly from Labyrinth M Entity 321 - 4673F0 - Nemesis as used by Curly in Sacred Grounds B3 Found these when I was looking for machine gun stuff and the like to mod...
  2. FDeityLink

    Curly AI ASM

    Have all, or any, of Curly AI's (the follower) related ASM addresses been found? If so, where are they? Also, has anyone figured out making her shoot non-Labyrinth enemies by changing the ASM? I'm looking to make a mod where you fight alongside her for most of the game, so of course that would...