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  1. solaris

    A Farewell From Solaris

    ...Ugh, this is difficult. I'm just going to go out and say it: "It's been fun being part of such a great community." As some of you may have noticed (probably not), I have not been very active lately. There is a very good reason for this. I don't have the time anymore to keep maintaining my...
  2. solaris

    Kingdom of Loot

    Love RPGs? Love the gameplay and art style of Square Enix's cult classic, Secret of Mana and wish you could play it online with friends? Then, Kingdom of Loot is the game for you! Currently in Alpha, the game is very enjoyable, in which you can choose from 5 classes (Knight, Gladiator, Archer...
  3. solaris

    A Difficult Situation

    From people who remembered from the beginning of last year, this account was confiscated from me by my parents because they hate gaming. Now a year later, I was thinking about post counts, when I suddenly realized that in haste, my parents forgot to set the reset email to theirs, so I could've...
  4. solaris

    Fight Club (The Forum)

    Have you ever wondered who would win in a contest between username______ and username______? Now's your chance! State the 2 (or more) people on the forums you would like to see compete in a contest and specify the type of contest. How it plays out is up to your imagination. Format...
  5. solaris

    I'm back...(jj4226)

    Hello, this is jj4226 on a new account, solaris. Okay, just want you to know why I made this new account. My parents kinda despise anything to do with video games, and back in the beginning of January, they found out about this account and decided to change the password and monitor when I try...
  6. solaris

    Attention Everyone--Mod Challenge

    Till the end of December: I challenge you to make something new out of Cave Story, something nobody has ever seen in a Cave Story mod. It can be obscure, or truely spectactular, depending on your tastes Dates: (Dates are subject to change) Rules: Scoring(out of 100 points)...
  7. solaris

    10th Aniversary of Cave Story- The Forum Site History

    Well, its that time of year, the moment we've all been waiting for ever since its debut: Cave Story's 10th Aniversary!!! Although we didn't have anything exciting from Pixel this year (as expected), the community has made up for this by the ever existance of this Forum and the greatness of...
  8. solaris

    Ocarina of Time in 2D

    Ocarina of Time...In A Link To The Past Style Its a fan game made by a variety of people with special skills. It's using an engine made from scratch and using no utilities such as Game Maker. What do you think? You can Download the Demo here: http://www.oot-2d.com/ Note:It's currently 10% Done
  9. solaris

    The World is Ending...

    Mark your calendar... October 2nd, 2014 2:00 PM Everyone, grab your pitch-forks! Buy one here: Email: noonecares@nonexistant.com Secret Codeword: youarestupid Price: $10000 (They are life) Send alls your moneys to me! For all those who doubt... THE TIME-TRAVEL MONKEYS ARE WATCHING... They...
  10. solaris

    Desired Video Game?

    Is there a game you would love to see happen, but you know it won't happen/anytime soon? If so, please share your desire. For me, it would have to be Super Mario Sunshine 2. Nintendo has been teasing it in a lot of their games (mainly the Mario Kart series), but I think they are just...
  11. solaris

    Capcom Dying?

    So, just recently, I came across this article about Capcom being able to be bought out now: http://www.polygon.com/2014/6/17/5817094/capcom-abandons-its-stock-takeover-defense-plan-now-open-to-buyout: So, which company do you think is best to buy out Capcom, or is the most likely to buy out...
  12. solaris

    Megaman Battle Network: Chrono X

    Okay, so I was just randomly searching stuff on google, when I remember about one of my favorite Gameboy Advance games, Megaman Battle Network 3: Blue Moon. When I start to search it, I come across this search suggestion named, Megaman Battle Network 7. Curious, I clicked on it and went on one...