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  1. innocent.bystander

    Ikachan for DSiWare?

  2. innocent.bystander

    Cave Story Wii Secrets

    Sorry if this has been posted before, i haven't been keeping up with this forum too much. :o I need to get my grubby hands on a wii, as I haven't played this game yet... but has anyone found any little easter eggs in the wii version that weren't in the normal one? Nicalis hinted at this a bit...
  3. innocent.bystander

    Happy Birthday Pixel

  4. innocent.bystander


  5. innocent.bystander

    Plug your favorite website!

    Rank your favorite website in 5 categories: <Best Social Network> <Best Gaming Portal> <Best Web 2.0 Site> <Best Prank Site> <Best Overall Hangout> My vote: Best Social Network: The Casual Collective These guys have it ALL. They are the biggest drain on my productivity to date; I check the...
  6. innocent.bystander

    Cave Story Scaled Images!!

    As a result of seeing links to image scalers on the Nicalis blog, I decided to apply some scalers to the best art in Cave Story. And it looks stunning. (sorry about .rar.zip - needed something the forum would allow.)
  7. innocent.bystander


    http://snipurl.com/3x7k9 There it is. Send it to your friends.
  8. innocent.bystander

    Cave Story Dance

    A brilliant bit of <ANP work, or a brilliant bit of... sprite animation? You decide. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzOyEtnAHIM
  9. innocent.bystander

    Saddest thing ever

    http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/412/41258.html Dot dot dot...
  10. innocent.bystander

    Cool CS Flash movie

    Kinda stupid though. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/441370
  11. innocent.bystander

    Who dies by the end of the movie?

    I know this was slightly controversial so I'm just gonna say that I'm not necessarily for all of these options. I finally got the hang of posting these polls- turns out if you press the Back button while you're changing the options it goes ahead and posts the polls anyways. You can vote for...
  12. innocent.bystander

    Unanswered Questions

    1. Why was the Doctor looking for Sue in the first place? 2. How did Curly get to Hell after the Plantation? If anyone can answer these or think of more, post here.
  13. innocent.bystander

    There's probably a better place to post this, but...

    I'm unable to change my avatar. And before we all shout 'n00b' keep in mind that I have more than ten posts. I am also unable to send PM's, which is why I posted this frickin' thing in the first place instead of just messaging SP.
  14. innocent.bystander

    EPIC fanfiction

    Yeah, this is a really cool CS fanfic- even better than that one 'Dying Roses', anyone remember it? Guess I'm just old xP then. Here's the link. WARNING: Some inappropriate content. Very PG-13, maybe even PG-14. Just a warning.